I rant, therefore I am

Groobiecat Call is named after my strange, cat-like structure, Groobie (Dog rest her cat-like soul). It was started in July 2011 with the intention of sharing my particularly progressive outlook on the world. Well, that and because my family got sick and tired of hearing my daily venting about the injustices in this world visited upon the rest of us by people who don't possess basic reasoning skills. So now? I can make you sick and tired of reading my daily(ish) rants. I hope you enjoy it or, if not actually enjoy it, feel something as a result of it, and if you don't feel anything as a result, you should probably go watch a great music video or something. Nothing wrong with that. I'm a big fan.

Me? I live in the great state of Vermont with my incredibly understanding family and critters. Where people sometimes run around nude, highway billboards are not allowed, and we have more guns per capita than Canada (which has more guns per capita than the United States). Oh, and Vermont is the healthiest state in the Union, and behind Maine, we're the second least violent state. We're also the least religious state. Draw your own conclusions. We do.

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