Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Thing about De-Funding Big Bird is that it's so much MORE than Big Bird

I grew up with PBS and so did my kid. If you have kids, they probably did too. Mitt wants to de-fund PBS and eliminate that fundamental element of our culture. Why? It makes no sense, especially when research underscores how PBS actually *helps* our kids l
earn (hmmm, maybe that's why). But to follow the logic, you can see that the world that Mitt Romney and today's republicans want to see put in place never existed and should NOT exist. Their vision of our future is based on a bizarre (re)vision of history that should shock people. The government is imperfect, but it has helped improve this country--and in some cases revolutionized the world. The government isn't dominant in all elements of our lives, nor should it be, but it does play a role--in the best of a times, a balanced role--and always has. Those who don't understand that really don't know the basics of our country's history. But they VOTE, unfortunately, and so should YOU.

Our country isn't just about individual success, it's about working together, government, corporations, non-profits and universities, to improve the lives of people overall. That's the point, and today's republican party just doesn't understand that.