Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sick Rantorum: Smart People on "Our Side"

REPOSTED: Okay, so Sir Richard was speaking at the latest republican "values" conference this week, where the extreme right in this country gathers to reinforce and applaud its increasingly fringe political and cultural views. So, of course, Sick Rantorum was up to speak. Where to start? 

First, the media isn't supposed to be on *anyone's* side, they're supposed to be impartial. That said, I guess the former senator and current sweater vest-wearing extremist forgot about a cable news channel called "FOX News"--the "fair and balanced" 24/7 PR arm of the republican party. 

Second, sometimes the right can't help but admit which party has the "smart" folks in it, and every time they do, I think it's hilarious. They really don't even understand that they've insulted themselves. 

Third, the elite? That's seriously rich: the people who founded our country weren't common bumpkins, they were the high-functioning intelligent elite of our country--the best and the brightest. Whom do you want making policy decisions in this country--the best and brightest people or Joe the Plumber and Sarah the Palin? And btw, what is Mitt Romney, other than a Harvard-educated, to the manor born son of a governor? Does it get *any more* elite than that?? 

Ironically, Santorum states that elites want the "power" to tell people what to do. But as I recall, it's the republicans who are trying to define rape; the republicans who are requiring intrusive ultrasounds; and the republicans who are disenfranchising voters around the country with bureaucratic red tape-driven voter ID laws that address a non-existent problem. How is that for intrusive government?

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