Friday, July 6, 2012

One of these things is not like the other...

I saw this graphic on Facebook and it just pissed me off. Not because Americans aren't angry--they are--but because it depicts both parties as being at fault--they aren't.
Source: Facebook
Americans are angry, sure, but it's not because both sides brought us to this point, far from it.  The problem with this graphic is that it conflates both parties--a narrative of the mainstream media--as being at fault for the gridlock in Washington. This could not be farther from the truth. Once the Tea Party-elected congress came into power, all compromise (which comprises policy making in Washington) was over. The House brought the country to the brink of (more) disaster by refusing to extend the debt limit, and the Senate republicans do nothing but invoke the once important, but now hyper politicized tool of the filibuster to derail all legislation that they disagree with. 

Democrats are not perfect, but they're like the kid that sometimes gets into trouble, as kids will do, but they have a good heart. They want people to have jobs and to be healthy and to share what they have with other kids. The republicans, on the other hand? They're like the unstable, scary kid who burns down the school in a drunken rage.

The extreme right has hijacked discourse and civility with tea party candidates uninterested in facts or improving the country--they are interested in ensuring that the country's economy sucks because that will help them unseat Obama. And now, with the republican-dominated Supreme Court's decision on CItizens United (thanks again, Republican George Bush!) the country is being auctioned to the highest bidder--the republican-dominated, supreme court, two conservative justices of which were appointed by Bush. No, Democrats are not perfect, but they're like the kid that sometimes gets into trouble, as kids will do, but they have a good heart. They want people to have jobs and to be healthy and to share what they have with other kids. The republicans, on the other hand? They're like the unstable, scary kid who burns down the school in a drunken rage.


  1. Man, you are sooo right! The graphic sucks and should be removed from Facebook. The tea-party is hijacking whatever decency existed in the GOP. Let's make sure they get kicked out in the next election. We need the help of all decent people!

  2. Who counts the votes?

  3. This graphic pissed you off? Waaaah! Get over yourself. It's a pretty accurate assessment from where I sit. Methinks you may have the rose colored lens still in front of your left eye. If you follow the money trail you'll see the same from each party. Neither has your interest in mind and neither has their heart in the right place.

  4. Anonymous: A couple of things. First, it's not about getting over myself, it's about using facts and data to make your case. From where you sit, it's a pretty accurate case? In case you havent' caught the news lately, Romney, Rove, Koch, Adelson and all the plutocrats are on track to outspend Obama 2 or 3:1. What would you have him do? Ignore the fact that money is required to win elections (now more than ever)?! Ironically, you're pulling a very Fox-like move (nice!) by projecting that I'm wearing rose colored glasses. I'm actually seeing the world as it is--imperfect, damaged, skewed, and sadly, increasingly bought and paid for. Thanks to the Citizens United vote--and thanks, George Bush, again!--the left will likely lose to Romney and the crazies due to spending about $1.5 billion dollars to unseat Obama and the democrats. Does that sound like a good thing to you? Doesn't matter? It does. You see, details are important. Policy is important. Here are some links that you can try to ignore, but the truth is that democrats aren't just in the White House, they're in Congress, and they're in state houses trying to fight the extremists on the far right. You know those guys, right? They'd consider Reagan a moderate by their standards today. But enough of that, let's talk policy specifics--all stuff I'm sure you know already, but indulge me:

    WOMEN'S RIGHTS -- Remember those? Think that they're the same for both parties? Answer the question. I fight it incredibly interesting that males are the ones who conflate the two parties most often. Women? Not so much. I wonder why that is. Do you? I'm guessing not. You don't have to worry about your reproductive rights, so who gives a shit! Well, Obama does--he supports equal pay and a woman's right to choose.

    North Carolina:

    HEALTHCARE -- Oh, the democrats and republicans are so the same when it comes to healthcare, right? Um, well, er, ah, what?
    Sucks, right? Wrong. Not if you're:
    a) Under 19? You no longer can be tossed from insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Thanks Obama!
    b) Under 26 and unemployed? You get to stay on your parents' healthcare plan! Thanks Obama!
    c) Typo on your application? Oh, you know how those companies LOVE to eliminate people from coverage for that--like the woman who had breast cancer and her company eliminated her coverage. Oh, wait, what's that you say? THAT's illegal now? Say WHUT? Thanks Obama!

    I could go on, but the truth is that folks like you love to talk at 5,000 feet. But get down to policy details? And yeah, nothing. Nothing personal, but either you're for the 1%ers like Romney and Rove or you're not. It's easy to say "They suck!" -- and yes, I agree on Guantanamo, drones, NDAA, whistle blower, offshore drilling -- I am 100% opposed to the administration. But on domestic issues that I pointed out? There's no comparison.

    I am for publicly funded elections. But until that time comes? We're stuck with this system. Is Obama perfect? Oh, christ absolutely not. But he's all we have, and instead of making fun of my post, why not do some homework and see what a republican administration will bring, instead of a democratic regime, and then explain to the women in your life why you just don't care about their rights. It's not black and white.


  5. I see the point they're making. It's sort of accurate, both democrats and republicans need cash in order to win. We live in a plutocracy, and you make excuses saying "well, Obama has to do that", but it doesn't change the facts.

    Part of the reason for the division is astroturf. Front groups spend money on their causes which in turn create this divisive climate we have today. In effect, the system promotes this eternal struggle between parties. Maybe it's good that people are waking up to it?

    I'd have been happier to see corporate logos. No one feels represented, unless their interests happen to coincide with corporate.

    I'm sick of democrats because they're NOT liberal. Obama & the democrats are, for the most part, pretty conservative. The republicans are crazy.

    Liberals & progressives are forced to choose between conservatives or nutters.

    Forget 3rd parties, I'd say it's time for 5th parties! Multiple parties would help resolve this duality we've found ourselves enslaved to. Just imagine agreeing with another party on something, this could actually be possible if there were more than 2.