Sunday, July 29, 2012

An Open Rant to Those Who Insist on Conflating Both Parties as the Same

Democrats are imperfect; no one ever said their weren't. In fact, is there a single party or organization or individual that you know of that is perfect? That meets your standards of ideological purity and orthodoxy without fail? ANYONE? Hands? And yes, NDAA, Patriot Act, Guantanamo, and drones--not good, and I am against them all. But to conflate the two based on these issues is really an act of aggressive cognitive dissonance. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but the Tea Party is slowly taking over. They're winning primaries. They've taken over the House of Representatives and they've got the Senate in their sights. And they're not completely batshit insane. The tea party elected a NAZI white supremacist in Pennsylvania. Their House leader, Michele Bachmann, thinks there's a muslim conspiracy in the State Department. Their last vice president candidate thinks that seeing Russia from her "doorstep" counts as foreign policy experience. They voted to eliminate critical thinking from education in Texas. Rush Limbaugh--an openly racist pig who thought it was amazing that Ice-T knows what the word "tyranny" means--is their moral compass. They are taking--state by state--the basic reproductive rights away from women and are defunding healthcare for women and eliminating funding for programs for children. They are systematically disenfranchising people from voting in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio through bullshit voter ID laws that are, ironically enough, *are* in fact, voter fraud. The GOP leaders in Pennsylvania admitted the other day that the voter ID laws there are simply intended to get Romney elected. Based on your logic, there's no difference between Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell. REALLY?  If the plan for those who hate both parties to send the country to the next ring down of hell by letting the rightists take over the country completely, then you're well on your way. But good luck if any of you or your family members gets kicked off of your health insurance, then develops a illness and gets turned down. Obamacare prevents that. Oh, and your granny didn't fill out the application correctly? Oops, too friggin' bad, no health insurance for you. And oops, you and girlfriend got pregnant in Arizona? Too bad! Jan Brewer doesn't care and neither do any of the War on Women rightists.  

So, yeah, go read another Chris Hedges article, mkay? Because even though I agree that the left in this country is far from where it needs to be, there's real work and real legislation and real policy that affects real lives at stake--especially, but not only, if you're a) a woman, b) poor, c) without healthcare, d) without a job. But hey, it's easier just to ignore the details and conflate everything down to a few issues...


  1. They are both the same insofar as they both represent the interests of the capitalist system. Of course there are minor differences (gays, guns, abortion, etc.) but I personally feel that capitalism's real problems are so fundamental that reform cannot save the system. For instance, US laws regarding minimum wage have no jurisdiction outside the US, but we still must operate in a global economy. Labor is a commodity, after all.

    I definitely think Obama will desperately try to stitch up areas where the system's falling apart at the seams, whereas Romney would send the economy to hell faster--but the "fixes" will in the end be futile because the mechanism that necessitates--yes necessitates--economic injustice will remain. That's just what I think, anyway.

    1. Just to clarify. The "fixes" I wrote about implies things like more stimulus and social welfare programs, where Romney (if he dared to be stupid) could possibly take a slightly more austere approach. Still, pretty much the same.

  2. it's a righteous rant, oops, excuse me, lefteous! but one quibble... bernie sanders isn't a democrat, he's a socialist:

    some of us who say there's no difference between the democrats and the republicans really mean something more along the lines of there's no discernible difference between the democrats of today and the republicans of our youth. in fact, back in the day, jesse helms and strom thurmond were democrats.

    bernie sanders, otoh... well, it'd just be really cool if we had more socialists in congress.

  3. Point taken...the parties are not "the same", but riddle me this: What is the appropriate (lefty) political response to Democratic policies that create harm? Take NAFTA for just one example. It destroyed working class jobs. It brutalized the Mexican agricultural peasantry. It contributed directly to the widening income disparity we observe in the USA. This income redistribution leads to a concentration of political power and .....more of the same.

    "More and better Democrats" does not seem to be working.