Saturday, June 23, 2012

So you *still* think republicans and democrats are the same?

Congratulations, Steve Smith, on your election to the republican party in Luzerne County, PA! Your parents must be so proud that their son grew up to be a white supremacist hate monger who attacked an innocent black man with stones!

Source: ThinkProgress
OKAY, so, here's the thing: I constantly argue with people--left and right--that there's no difference between republicans and democrats. There are a few policy similarities that are well known (Guantanamo, oil drilling, etc.). But one area where there is a clear difference? Violent civil-rights hating Nazi skinheads. The fact that this is one of the new faces of an increasingly extremist republican party, is disturbing, at best. Today's party (with the exception of moderate republicans who have seen their party hijacked by nutballs) hates everything that has made this country great: diversity, intellectual freedom, working together for the good of the country, political compromise--and now, BLACK people. Sure, the Tea Party has black people, people like Herman Cain and Allan West--but those guys are both card carrying members of the Aluminum Hat Society. I digress. Back to Steve.
Are Tea Party republicans decrying from the election of a violent neo-nazi white supremacist as a disgrace? Or is loving Hitler part of the new Hard Right agenda? Hands? Anyone? Is this mic on? UPDATE: I didn't see that the Luzerne County Republican Committee and state GOP denounced Smith's election, which they did, stating that Smith's views in no way represent their own. It is also worth noting that Smith won with a single vote--his own. (source) 
The question remains: has the national Tea Party denounced him? Or the national republican party? Not that I'm aware of... 
Neo-Nazi Steve Smith's Certificate of Election that he posted on the "White News Now" website.
It's like Facebook for people who like to stomp black peoples' faces. 
Here's what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about this new Tea Party "representative." 

To advance his goals, Smith has distanced himself somewhat from his violent past and focused on political activism. As state chairman for American Third Position (A3P), a white nationalist political party that aims to deport immigrants and return the United States to white rule, he has for several years been working the crowds at local Tea Party gatherings, which he once described as “fertile grounds for our activists.”
This is an important point, because extremists know that to actually get their plans of evil world domination into play, they have to grab the levers of policy, and this is their not-often-discussed plan: get elected, gain respectability, and become policy makers. 

House Speaker: "The gentleman from Pennsylvania's time has expired."
Rep. Smith:  "Oh yeah? Your time has expired, Mr. friggin' speaker! I'm gonna mess you up, man!"

Here's what the Anti-Defamation League had to say about Steve's resume, which includes founding his own neo-nazi organization:
The Keystone State Skinheads, made up of skinheads from Pennsylvania and other mid-Atlantic states, began meeting informally in the fall of 2001. Since then, they have grown considerably in numbers and activity. They formalized their organizational structure following a 2002 white supremacist rally in York, Pennsylvania, attended by members of many prominent white supremacist groups. 
The group's goal, according to its Web site, is to "unite all racially aware skinheads in the state of Pennsylvania" and to "establish Pennsylvania as one of the most racially active states in America." The group regularly organizes skinhead concerts and claims to have chapters in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Altoona, Greensburg and Wilkes Barre/Scranton. 
Carney, who was being held in Lackawanna County Prison, is a carpenter and a former member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. In December 2001, he was arrested for posting National Alliance leaflets on the Vietnam War memorial in Philadelphia. He is also associated with the racist Eastern Hammerskins, another white supremacist skinhead group. 
Smith, who also has a history of racist skinhead activity, is an associate of Charles Juba, who heads the Pennsylvania faction of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations.


  1. This guy did some disgusting things for sure. It is sad that some of us become so lost and broken that hatred and destruction sound like good ideas. Perhaps just maybe this guy has seen the error in his ways and has changed. Is it possible for people to change? This article mentions acts from 10 years ago. That's a long time ago. Maybe this guy has changed maybe not I don't know. If you believe people don't deserve forgiveness and a second chance, how about Bill Ayers? He spread hate and destruction at one point in his life, yet has visited the president on many occasions. Is he changed or is it ok to condem some but not all especially if they have the same view or goals you do. Hate is ok as long as it comes from the heart I guess, we will all close our eyes because he is on our team. Sad.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for the comment. But did you not read this post? Did you not see that he posted a copy of his election certificate on a white-supremacist site a few weeks ago?? You're implying that he has changed? Why? What about white power has anything to do with seeing the error of his ways? No, sorry, white supremacy is a scary, fascistic holdover from a culture and a time that threatened the freedom of Europe and the United States. These people think that's patriotic--to adore Hitler and promulgate hate. You want to give people a chance? Great. But you have to draw the line somewhere, and I think "neo Nazi" tea partiers is a minimum line at which to draw it. Please, read the full text and understand the material before you comment. As for Bill Ayers, how is this even remotely related? It's not. It has nothing to do with it. But thanks for trying to take the point of this and making it about that. Your views are based on fallacious reasoning. There is no logic in your approach, which is to deflect what's been written and to make it about something else. This is what Fox has honed into a fine art. Feel free to read my post about that, recently, as well.

  3. But the DEMs have completely OVERclassed the miserepubilkans with a halfascist, skin-in-the-game Genocidal ASSASSIN, including his fellow US citizens. Rather than Heil the signpost ahead reads a stop at "Arbeit Macht Frei" in a current Obamanable "Polish" death camp.

    1. Part II: Reply to Anonymous (cont'd)

      I'm sorry that Obama hasn't been the president that you want him to be--he's not who I thought he'd be, either. But this election isn't about my agenda or yours, it's about a huge divide between the two parties. Because if you think things suck now? Wait until we go to war with Iran or North Korea or whatever country the republicans decide to go to war with after Romney gets elected. The right in this country has gone so far to extreme that Reagan would be considered relatively moderate. How do I know?

      BECAUSE THEY'RE ELECTING NAZIS. Which is what this post was about in the first place.


      - G

      Oh, and btw, one of my first posts was an open letter to Obama asking why he has forsaken his base. I think in many ways, he has. It sucks. Now it's time to elect democrats because they *are* better than republicans, who are good at one thing: fucking up the country, starting wars, and inciting people to violence.

    2. Even in the degree of NAZI (National Socialism), the Obamanable DESPOTUS is the more Full Frontal Fascist of the Fatherland; wreaking illegal, Unconstitutional aggressive wars, worldwide. So, Fuehrerward! Unless you'd prefer BEERS with US over at the Green/Stein-Anderson/Justice victory party, post-election.

  4. Part I: Anonymous, thanks for commenting.

    Well, a couple of things. First, I'm not entirely sure that there would be a "drone war" if we hadn't gone to war in Afghanistan, but that's a meta-historical question that will never be answered. Second, I agree that it's pretty awful and, in fact, creates more, not fewer, terrorists. I disagree with the president on this policy. Third, your argument ignores the point of this post and actually indulges in a tactic that Fox (and most right-wingers) indulge in consistently, and that's to distract and ignore the argument, and make the polemic about something else related, but only in a distant way. So, you don't address any of the points I've raised, not really; mainly in an oblique, snarky fashion. If you want to make this a numbers game, well, under the republicans, hundreds of thousands have been killed and wounded and millions have been displaced. Now *THAT'S* what I call genocide. This was not a democrat-driven war and, in fact, the current president was against the Iraq war from the outset. He ended that war. The drone war has, regrettably, been accelerated under Obama and the collateral damage has been horrendous, admittedly. It comes nowhere close to the sheer horrific carnage that the republican-led policies have visited to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Not remotely. I have supported OWS in the past, and I still believe in its main goals. But the truth of the matter is that the president represents all people in this country, not just the left or the right, and he will make no one group completely happy. He's more moderate than I'd hoped for, but his opposition is aggressively and openly racist--but hey, SCREW HIM, that wimp. Right? Right.

    It's funny, though, I find myself defending Obama when, in fact, this *isn't* about Obama at all, but the democratic vs. the republican parties. Good job, anonymous, you tricked me into addressing *your* agenda, which is to conflate the democratic party with Obama. The point of the post is that the republicans elected a self-described neo nazi--let that ring in your head for a few minutes, if you will. Here let me help you:


    I think you should remember who's fighting for women's rights in the states: democrats or republicans? Who's fighting for voting rights in the states? Who's fighting out of control gun laws? Who's fighting for social programs and associated funding? Who's fighting for jobs? For infrastructure funding? For food stamps? Answer the questions, anonymous, because as much as you'd like to make this entire election about the drones being used against innocents or attacks against Americans (who, btw, if they were on the battle field fighting for the other side would be considered "enemy combatants"--there is far more at stake than this one issue, or even several issues. It's about a LOT of other issues that happen to govern our lives, and you can't use one issue to undermine all the rest. I get the sense that you're smarter than that.

  5. I have to admit, it's pretty entertaining reading your replies. I think it's good to criticize the president--pressure needs to be applied from the left to move the president. I agree with this. But, just as a vote for Nader in FL was a vote for Bush (Gore wouldn't have gone into Iraq--Afghanistan, yes, but not Iraq), you need to ensure that this isn't about foreign policy, the NDAA, and the drone strikes. While important, there are a LOT MORE ISSUES that the democrats are protecting against the true fascistic tide of extremism. And yeah, here in Vermont, we have some pretty solid independent / green voices, and I'd love to have a beer and debate! Like they do in France! Proper...

  6. Since ALL Democrats and globalists are Nazis, this guy was likely one before this. How hard did they have to look to find him? I'll bet he's a plant. I've never heard or seen such a thing.

  7. I'm impressed by anonymous' full-throated "courageous" responses. Snarky commentary.