Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Mandate is Only Socialism when a Democrat Does It...

It's only evil socialism when a
Democrat does it.
The other week I posted this graphic on Facebook. It shows how, if republicans believe that Obamacare is socialism, an Romney's Massachusetts plan is the same as Obamacare (which it basically is), then republicans elected a socialist. So, someone commented on it as follows:
"I think the only wrong with Obamacare is the fact that you are forced into buying it if you do not have insurance."
This got me to thinking seriously about the word "mandate" and how it relates to national priorities. A "mandate" is basically a euphemism for levying taxes. But if there's a "mandate" to buy private insurance--and there is--what other mandates do we, as a country, face? How about war? We pay for that with taxes--and it's a mandate. How much did it cost? Depends on whom you ask, but at least $1.3 trillion, and possibly as high as $3 - $4 trillion. Trillion with a "T".

When you really think about it, the health of a nation's people is really the most important priority there is. There are a few things, if any, more important that the health of people. Nope. Going out on a limb here: there's nothing more important than the health of people.  Healthcare shouldn't be an "every person for his or herself" proposition. It should be a national priority--just as the highway system was, or ensuring a comprehensive US mail service. It’s all about setting priorities and determining what we want to spend on as a country. It’s actually a good thing. And what about war? We spent upwards of $4 trillion on wars over the last 10 years, including almost a $1 trillion on the war in Iraq that the Bush administration originally stated would cost "only" $60 - 80 billion.

DO NOT fear the mandate to help people get healthy.
DO Fear mandates that kill people for no good reason
You don't protest the fact that you were mandated to pay tax dollars--a of of them--have been used to kill and wound hundreds even though tax dollars were and are being used to kill people. So, why be against a “mandate” that actually *helps* people by enabling them to have healthcare?

Cognitively dissonant much? Cognitively dissonant. Much.


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