Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest: June 5, 2012

Scott Walker, a man who was given everything he requested by the unions, which wasn't good enough, won the recall vote in Wisconsin. Democrats were outspent by Walker and Rove and other special interests 8:1. EIGHT TO ONE. This isn't just a drag, it's a wake-up call--especially to people who think this is going to be a walk for Obama. It ain't. It's an ugly, money-is-king battle, and those who have the better ideas aren't in a good position to win, because this ain't about ideas, it's about sports. And unless the democrats do something about it, the right will keep handing them a drubbing.

Mitt Romney, a man who used to be moderate and has converted himself into an extremist to win (isn't that what George, his dad, would have wanted?), dined at a Texas millionnaire's dinner fundraiser tonight. Among the art the rich Texas in his mansion were two paintings by Hitler and a signed copy of mein kampf. That's right: this wealthy republican is a collector of the ultimate fascist's works of "art." Wow. As Rachel Maddow pointed out: Imagine the outcry among conservatives if a democrat had done this. Indeed.

The US Senate, an entity that used to need only a quorum to pass legislation, killed the Paycheck Fairness Act, thereby delivering yet another blow to basic decency and equality. By employing the filibuster, the republicans have been able to stymie a lot of bills, and this one was only 8 votes shy of the 60 needed to pass.

Sell your shit to get rid of Mitt, an undertaking to get people to avoid adding credit card debt and getting rid of stuff they no longer use / need and donate the money to people trying to prevent reactionary plutocrats from taking over. Let's do this. Posting on this tomorrow.


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