Monday, June 18, 2012

The economy sucks! Why oh why isn't the president doing anything about it? Bernie Sanders explains.

People often conflate the two parties as basically being the same. But they're not the same--especially when it come to the House of Representatives. Members of Congress in the Tea Party caucus are intentionally trying to sabotage the economy because to help improve the economy--and the plight of Americans--would improve Obama's prospects in the Fall. Even John Boehner has felt the sting of his Tea Party overlords whenever he's strayed from the script, and now that they're closer to the election, they have no incentive to move on helping ease the pain of this extended economic disaster that started under Bush. But I digress. 

The New Republitarians. You don't think there are any differences between the two parties? Well, even the Ronald Reagan knew that he had to raise taxes sometimes for the good fo the country. But that republican party no longer exists. The new republican party is an especially aggressive breed of hardcore right-wing politics and the exaltation-of-the-selfish-individual-above-all-else views of Ayn Rand libertarians.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself what the Conscience of Congress, independent senator Bernie Sanders has to say about it:

Quote source: Rachel Maddow Show
Graphic: Groobiecat
Last week on Rachel Maddow, Bernie Sanders explained the importance of infrastructure spending (hint, it's not just fixing roads and bridges, although there is that) and who's to blame:


  1. Anyone with any brains can see this....

    1. Yep. Not enough Americans with brains, I fear.

  2. With all of the problems we are facing as a nation, why would ANYONE vote for someone who's top priority is trying to make sure Obama is not re-elected. really?

  3. They want control of all three branches - they want the Executive Branch, they already have the Supreme Court in their Corner - they want both houses of Congress. Can you imagine the legislation that will pass if this happens, with no checks and balances, not to mention Supreme Court Judges for the future?