Friday, June 15, 2012

Bernie Sanders: It's all about priorities.

Quote: Bernie Sanders
Graphic: Groobiecat


  1. Thats a myth, and any none moronic american who actually knows about the world outside of the us, knows this is true.

  2. Well, Jack David, "any none moronic american" means, what, exactly? Also, what you say isn't an argument, it's more of a playground attack, waged by a dim-witted kid who doesn't actually understand what an argument is. If it's a myth, prove that it's a myth. Otherwise, the fact that ALL of our industrialized European allies are democratic socialist states is one that is very very clear to anyone who reads--you don't actually need to travel outside of the US to know this. I will say this: I'm sorry that you don't understand polemic or logic. I hope that if you have children, they will fair better than their father, who clearly didn't pay attention in school. Assuming he actually went to school. But hey, thanks for dropping by...