Monday, May 7, 2012

War on Women Continues: Arizona Bans Funding for Planned Parenthood

Horror Show: Saw III Character Governor Jan Brewer of 
Arizona Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding 
I've never seen the movies Saw I, II, or III. I mean, why watch slasher flicks when you have real-life horror movies creating real havoc and killing real women? Last Friday, May 4, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that bans state or local governments from transferring taxpayer funds to any organization that performs abortions. According to Brewer, it's a "common-sense law that tightest existing regulation."

Horror Movie Policy Making. Why would anyone want to kill off an organization that helps women who can't afford healthcare? Never mind that Planned Parenthood provides a wide spectrum of healthcare services to poor women. Forget, too, that only about 3% of Planned Parenthood services are related to abortion. Forget that Planned Parenthood helps prevent unwanted pregnancy among teens. Forget that Planned Parenthood provides 3/4 of a million pap tests and breast exams each year. Forget that Planned Parenthood helps the war on sexually transmitted disease by providing testing, including for HIV. Forget that Planned Parenthood can't actually use any state or local funds for abortions. 

Real-World Impact of Arizona's War on Women. That's what Planned Parenthood does nationally. At the state level, Planned Parenthood Arizona says a funding ban would interrupt its preventive health care and family planning services for nearly 20,000 women served by the organization's clinics. What this means in the real world is that women in Arizona who have no other access to healthcare--many of whom rely on Planned Parenthood for their primary means of healthcare, because, you know, it's not a basic right in this country--will be diagnosed with illnesses that could have been prevented or otherwise treated. And that will burden the healthcare system even further.
Our Multi-Front War. I've written about the the attacks on Planned Parenthood by Susan G. Komen in service of Cliff Stearns (R-FL). This attack was beaten back by a outpouring of support for Planned Parenthood and upbraiding of SGK by former supporters. But at the state level, tea partiers like Brewer are waging a war in all the states where they hold power. And they must be stopped.

Donate to Planned Parenthood by clicking here. Show the crazies on the right that you won't stand for their attacks on women. Can only afford $5? That's fine. Just give something. Anything.

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