Monday, March 12, 2012

Santorum's Apocryphal Visions, Rush is Apparently a Muslim, and Other Observations

Okay, so, apparently Rick Santorum won Kansas. Also apparently, he was speaking to a group of republican women in Missouri after the victory and he espoused all manner of fact-free viewpoints.

Apparently 84% of People who Live in Massachusetts are Liars. On health care, Santorum touted his experience with legislation on health savings accounts and said Massachusetts, where a version of government-run health insurance is used, is a good example of why Obama's health care plan won't work for the country. Santorum also used his stance on health care to attack Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. "He actually implemented it there, and it's a failure," Santorum said. 
And besides: what would they know about being "real"
Americans anyway? Just a buncha goddam liberals if you ask me.
Interesting. But here's the thing, Rick: like most things republicans say these days, it's a bald-faced lie. The truth of the matter is that the plan is actually extremely popular with ~84% of the people in the state. You know, actual citizens who live there and use it? And isn't that sort of what determines the success of a policy or program--how well received it is by the people it's intended to serve? Instead of listening to lying politicians like Santorum who spout apocryphal nonsense without actually backing up their clams, perhaps people should actually look at the facts (not a strength of the current rightists in this country). According to a poll by Market Decisions
The state health plan, launched under former Governor Mitt Romney, was given high marks for the range of services and the quality of care offered, according to the poll.The program, Commonwealth Care, is targeted at low-income individuals earning up to $32,676 a year; families of four can qualify with earnings of up to $66,168 a year. Premiums ranged from $10 to $151 a month, and only 17 percent of those surveyed said they had problems paying their medical bills."84 percent of residents are satisfied with the Massachusetts plan, which requires most adults to have health insurance." (Source: Reuters
But hey, it's easy to cast aspersions to further your own political career when you don't have to back up your words with facts--thanks a lot, mainstream media, for keeping Santorum honest!  Santorum said he has "...different visions for our country," I'll bet. 

Cape Girardeau: Home of Rush Limbaugh. During his speech in Missouri, Santorum shared more of his scary visions. In one of them, he revealed that he thinks now's a great time to align himself with the supreme Imam of the right, Rush Limbaugh.  
"This is my first trip to Cape Girardeau," Santorum told the crowd. "Jo Ann's been bragging on you a long time. It's good to be in the hometown of Rush Limbaugh, which some people see as a trip to Mecca."
Makes sense. Now that Limbaugh has had, what, almost 100 advertisers bail on his radio program in response to his ad hominem, misogynistic attacks on Sarah Fluke and her defense of the argument that insurance should cover birth control, and centrist women are increasingly concerned about republicans' view of the world, well, by all means, align yourself with a sex tourist shithead who hurls epithets at women for entertainment. Smart.

The words "disturbingly juvenile," "aggressively stupid," "apocyphal bullshit," and a host of others comes to mind whenever I read the bile that Santorum consistently spews. I only hope that people are starting recognize that the outrageous, hysterical lies and nonsense policy statements by the current clown car of republican candidates, including one of the leading clowns, Santorum, is starting to sink in with the American electorate as a whole. I used to think that all this attention to the candidates was a bad thing (and I still believe that letting them get away with unchallenged soundbites is a sad comment on the current state of so-called journalism in this country) but the more they speak, the more I'm hoping people will be horrified by what the leaders of the bankrupt right actually believe.

Hey punk, you think it's easy being a pharmaceuticl company? Hah?
(Rick Santorum Froths at the mouth in defense of big pharma.)*
Bonus Points: Go away, kid, ya bother me... 
In case you missed it the other week, Santorum attacked a sick kid and his mom in a tea party rally to basically stop whining about the cost of life-saving drugs. In response to his question about the high cost of life-saving medications, Santorum first made a reference to the cost of an iPad because, um, that was somehow relevant to the cost of tea in China. Then--because why stop there?--he went on to defend pharmaceutical companies (such an empathetic guy toward the poor, misunderstood big pharma) as needing to make a buck too, gosh darnit! Watch the debacle here, if you dare:

(* Man, that never gets old for me. :D)

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