Thursday, March 15, 2012

Misogynistic Tourettes Syndrome: GOP PA Gov just wants Women to Relax and Close their Eyes

Eyes wide shut. Yet another
old white guy who wants to
force women to do bidding.
Because there haven't been enough outright attacks on women who are, you know, the main problem we face in this country today, republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett dismissed concerns about whether women might be upset by a far-reaching mandatory ultrasound bill being considered in the state. He said
"You Just have to close your eyes"
Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett on ultrasound procedure for women
No biggie, right? We, the white males in power in this country have decided--not your doctors, nurses, gynecologists, but politicians--have decided that if you don't like something that we're doing to you, just close your eyes. Simple. Easy. Reasonable. Right? Right.
Former TX Gov. candidate
William "Claytie" Clayton havin' a
laugh at the ladies. A little GOP funnin'.*

Rape is like bad weather, little lady. Thing is, this sounds very similar to something I remember once; wait, don't tell me, I know this one. Oh, I know! It's just like this statement by Clayton Williams, former candidate for governor of Texas who once famously said that rape is like bad weather

"If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it"
Former TX Gov. candidate Clayton comparing rape to bad weather

Aside from the violently creepy, horrendously misogynistic tone of the second quote, the first quote almost matches it. Now, Clayton can almost be forgiven, because the GOP politicians in that state are known to be mentally unstable and dangerously stupid (see mugshot above). And he was just funnin' is all. 

But like Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney (and a whole host of republicans before him), today's quote from Governor Corbett is just the latest in a non-stop political carpet bombing campaign targeting women and their rights. 

It seems like they can't help themselves. It's like some kind of Misogynistic Tourette Syndrome. "Slut!" "Prostitute!" "Close your eyes and enjoy the unnecessary procedure we forced on you!"

All in favor of retroactive abortion say "Aye." My question is: don't these people realize how angry they're making the rest of the country--and women, in particular? Wait, no, that's not my question. I know the answer to that one. My question is, why the fuck can't we institute retroactive abortion. It seems clear to me that a lot of these GOP old white male human experiments have gone horribly awry. Just sayin'.

* H/T to JS for the reference. The one person who might actually be angrier about the war against women than I am.

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