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Ongoing War on Women. WOW, you were raped? Naw, c'mon. That's just an excuse for an abortion. - GOP Sen. Chuck Winder

Ho hum. Another day. Another violently misogynistic, industrial-strength stupid policy from yet another white male GOP good ol' boy who hates women. 

Today's misogynistic policymaker? Idaho Republican State Sen. Chuck Winder, sponsor of Idaho's mandatory ultrasound bill. A bill so heinous, that it would require rape victims or women with medical emergencies to get an ultrasound first, and if it's in the first trimester of pregnancy, they'd be required to get an invasive transvaginal procedure, which, ironically enough, is the medical / political equivalent of rape. And most of the required "healthcare providers" a women would have to go to are all anti-choice organizations. According to an article in HuffPo:
If Winder's mandatory ultrasound bill becomes law, a victim of rape or incest or a woman with a medical emergency who is seeking an abortion must obtain an ultrasound first and the state will provide a list of providers. Nearly every provider of free ultrasounds in Idaho is a "crisis pregnancy center," which aims to dissuade women from having an abortion. The woman would also have to obtain from a doctor a second ultrasound, which would involve an invasive transvaginal procedure if she is in her first trimester of pregnancy. Even if she averts her eyes from the ultrasound image and refuses to listen to the fetal heartbeat, she would have to hear the doctor describe the fetus in detail.
Don't think Chuck should be your doctor?
Fight the War on Women (WOW): Tell Chuck how you feel.
The bill, which was passed in Idaho's Senate, was opposed by those who wanted exceptions for rape victims, incest victims or women in medical emergencies. But Chuck isn't so sure that women would really be rape victims. More likely, just a family spat, you know. It happens. According to Winder:
Rape and incest was used as a reason to oppose [my bill]," Winder said on the Senate floor. "I would hope that when a woman goes in to a physician with a rape issue, that physician will indeed ask her about perhaps her marriage, was this pregnancy caused by normal relations in a marriage or was it truly caused by a rape. I assume that's part of the counseling that goes on.
So, ladies of Idaho, don't go making up stories about being raped just so you can get an abortion, okay? Because the GOP has got your back, and your front, and...ugh.  Could someone please tell the aliens that the things have gone terribly wrong and to please shut down the experiment?

So, ladies of Idaho, don't go making up stories about being raped just so you can get an abortion, okay?
Because big daddy Chuck is going to be watching.  Why not let him know how you feel.
TALK TO CHUCK. Forgot how to get in touch with the aliens? No problem. Just contact Chuck instead and let him know how you feel about it: 

Call Chuck! 208 332-1354
Tweet to Chuck! https://twitter.com/#!/ChuckWinderUSA
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Cultural and Political Cold Civil War: Fox Coverage of Trayvon Martin's Death Explains the "Why"

Martin: "an A and B student who
majored in cheerfulness.
A Sad, Unnecessary Death in Sanford. In case you're not familiar, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, FL three weeks ago by a self-appointed, gun-carrying "neighborhood watch volunteer" named George Zimmerman. Martin was a high school kid with excellent grades and had no criminal record. He was on the high school football team. He lived in Miami and was visiting family in Sanford when, that  night, he was walking back from the 7/11 with some candy and a soda. The self-appointed neighborhood watchman, Zimmerman, called the police and reported Martin as being "suspicious," as he was walking back home in the gated community where Zimmerman's and Martin's family's live. Police told Zimmerman not to follow Martin, and that they were sending out a police car to investigate. What happened next is murky, but what's clearly known is that Zimmerman killed Martin, and argued--legally in Florida, as it turns out--that he acted in self-defense. Zimmerman was released, and remains free, even though it's clear that he confronted Martin and wound up shooting and killing him. ThinkProgress has a summary of what happened. (Angry yet?? Sign the petition at the end of this post.) Here's a summary by Think Progress, which is all over this:
1. Zimmerman called the police to report Martin’s “suspicious” behavior, which he described as “just walking around looking about.” Zimmerman was in his car when he saw Martin walking on the street. He called the police and said: “There’s a real suspicious guy. This guy looks like he’s up to no good, on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about… These a**holes always get away” [Orlando Sentinel] 

2. Zimmerman pursued Martin against the explicit instructions of the police dispatcher:

Dispatcher: “Are you following him?”
Zimmerman: “Yeah”
Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”

3. Prior to the release of the 911 tapes, Zimmerman’s father released a statement claiming “[a]t no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin.”[Sun Sentinel

4. Zimmerman was carrying a a 9 millimeter handgun. Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. [ABC News

5. Martin weighed 140 pounds. Zimmerman weighs 250 pounds. [Orlando SentinelWDBO

6. Martin’s English teacher described him as “as an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.” [Orlando Sentinel

7. Martin had no criminal record. [New York Times

8. Zimmerman “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer. The charges appear to have been dropped.” [Huffington Post

9. Zimmerman called the police 46 times since Jan. 1, 2011. [Miami Herald

10. According to neighbors, Zimmerman was “fixated on crime and focused on young, black males.” [Miami Herald

11. Zimmerman “had been the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated community for aggressive tactics” [Huffington Post

12. A police officer “corrected” a key witness. “The officer told the witness, a long-time teacher, it was Zimmerman who cried for help, said the witness. ABC News has spoken to the teacher and she confirmed that the officer corrected her when she said she heard the teenager shout for help.” [ABC News]
13. Three witnesses say they heard a boy cry for help before a shot was fired. "Three witnesses contacted by the Miami Herald say they saw or heard the moments before and after the Miami Gardens teenager's killing. All three said they heard the last howl for help from a despondent boy. 
14. The officer in charge of the crime scene also received criticism in 2010when he initially failed to arrest a lieutenant’s son who was videotaped attacking a homeless black man. [New York Times] 
Fox has more pressing matters to report on. (Source)
CNN, MSNBC, and FOX: A Tale of Three Cable Networks and a Country in Conflict with Itself. In addition to being an incredibly horrific and sad incident--and a scary example of the "right to carry guns anywhere" ethic that's on the rise in this country--it's also a clear case of racism. Had the tables been turned, and a black kid shot Zimmerman (who is actually Hispanic, not white), I think we all know that the police would have locked him up immediately. At any rate, this case, which has become a national story, has been ignored by Fox News. Why? Well, because it's not convenient to their narrative. A black kid was wrongly shot and killed, and obviously a great injustice was done--and that's exactly the kind of story that Fox doesn't cover. If, however, the tables had been turned, and a black teenager had been released after shooting an "upstanding, non-black citizen," I think we would all be assured of their interest. ThinkProgress posted a graphic that indicates the relative coverage provided by the major cable news networks:

Fox News: Uninterested in Racial Injustice. But it's all one needs to know to understand the divide in this country.
Those who watch Fox don't care about the Trayvon muder. Those who don't, do.
SIGN Trayvon's parents' Change.org petition to the Florida State Attorney General: 
Why This Is Important

On February 26, our son Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he had just bought some candy. He was only 17 years-old.  
Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, admitted to police that he shot Trayvon in the chest. Zimmerman, the community's self appointed "neighborhood watch leader," called the police to report a suspicious person when he saw Travyon, a young black man, walking from the store. But Zimmerman still hasn't been charged for murdering our son.  
Trayvon was our hero. At the age 9, Trayvon pulled his father from a burning kitchen, saving his life. He loved sports and horseback riding. At only 17 he had a bright future ahead of him with dreams of attending college and becoming an aviation mechanic. Now that’s all gone. 
When Zimmerman reported Trayvon to the police, they told him not to confront him. But he did anyway. All we know about what happened next is that our 17 year-old son, who was completely unarmed, was shot and killed. 
It's been nearly two weeks and the Sanford Police have refused to arrest George Zimmerman. In their public statements, they even go so far as to stand up for the killer - saying he's "a college grad" who took a class in criminal justice. 
Please join us in calling on Norman Wolfinger, Florida's 18th District State's Attorney, to investigate my son's murder and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.
  Sign the petition here 

Additional links: 
Excellent summary from Mother Jones here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's the most important issue in this race according to Ricky? Is it jobs? No. Improving the economy? Energy independence? Ending the wars and preventing another? NO. NO. NO.

A thousand times no. Ricky thinks that healthcare companies should be able to deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition? Why? Because he's against the Affordable Care Act. Ricky thinks that a plan that reduces the deficit over the next decade is a bad idea. How do I know? Because he's against the Affordable Care Act. Ricky knows that it doesn't matter if the economy sucks or the infrastructure crumbles, all he knows is that eliminating the ability for peoples' children (up to 26) to continue to be covered under their parents' healthcare insurance if they can't get employment coverage is a terrible idea!! Ricky knows this because he knows that the most important thing--the biggest threat to our society--today is the Affordable Care Act, the bipartisan law that actually improves our healthcare system. (H/T to Political Ruminations for her "Quote of the Day")

According to Time:

"On so many fronts, there could be no person in this country we could nominate who would be any worse on taking on Barack Obama on the most important issue of the day, ObamaCare, than Gov. Romney. And it's the equivalent of malpractice to nominate someone who gives away the most important issue in this race."   
But hey, let the mindless cannibalism continue--right up until the convention.
We are all Nelson Muntz.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who needs facts when you have thoughts? Rick Santorum on birth control

Have you ever noticed how republicans use phrases like...I feel" and "I think" and "it seems to me" instead of actual valid facts, figures, and analysis? This is similar to George Bush's infamous "gut feelings" about various issues, and people, including his aggressively off-base feelings about Vladimir Putin. Take Rick Santorum. He has stated that he's against birth control because, well, he's had a lot of thoughts about it. Not driven by medical opinion. Not based on critical research or other data involving health and the population. Nope. Just Rick thoughts.
Not much gray area (or matter) there: Rick Santorum thinks birth control is very, very, very, very harmful. Very.
Apparently, not only are Rick's thoughts not in alignment with the majority of Americans--and catholics in general--but apparently nearly 100% of all women who have had sex will have used birth control at some point in their lives. I guess they don't know that it's very very bad, like, um, Rick thinks it is.

What do Americans Think? Facts and Figures. Thoughtful data on birth control--at a Glance--from Planned Parenthood (source in PDF).

FACT: Majority of Americans and Catholics support the birth control benefit.* A Public Religion Research Institute (released 2/7/12) shows that 58 percent of Catholics believe that employers should be required to provide their employees with health care plans that cover contraception. A Public Policy Poll (released 2/7/12) shows that 57 percent of voters believe women employed by Catholic hospitals and universities should have the same rights to contraceptive coverage as other women.  
FACT: Birth control use is nearly universal in the United States, even among Catholic women. 99 percent of all sexually experienced women and 98 percent of sexually experienced Catholic women will have used birth control at some point in their lives.
FACT: The current policy already includes an expansive exemption, allowing approximately 335,000 churches/houses of worship to refuse to provide birth control for their employees. 
* Health insurance benefit that covers birth control. See Public Policy Polling's Americans Support Obama on Prescription Birth Control Benefit (source).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Misogynistic Tourettes Syndrome: GOP PA Gov just wants Women to Relax and Close their Eyes

Eyes wide shut. Yet another
old white guy who wants to
force women to do bidding.
Because there haven't been enough outright attacks on women who are, you know, the main problem we face in this country today, republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett dismissed concerns about whether women might be upset by a far-reaching mandatory ultrasound bill being considered in the state. He said
"You Just have to close your eyes"
Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett on ultrasound procedure for women
No biggie, right? We, the white males in power in this country have decided--not your doctors, nurses, gynecologists, but politicians--have decided that if you don't like something that we're doing to you, just close your eyes. Simple. Easy. Reasonable. Right? Right.
Former TX Gov. candidate
William "Claytie" Clayton havin' a
laugh at the ladies. A little GOP funnin'.*

Rape is like bad weather, little lady. Thing is, this sounds very similar to something I remember once; wait, don't tell me, I know this one. Oh, I know! It's just like this statement by Clayton Williams, former candidate for governor of Texas who once famously said that rape is like bad weather

"If it's inevitable, just relax and enjoy it"
Former TX Gov. candidate Clayton comparing rape to bad weather

Aside from the violently creepy, horrendously misogynistic tone of the second quote, the first quote almost matches it. Now, Clayton can almost be forgiven, because the GOP politicians in that state are known to be mentally unstable and dangerously stupid (see mugshot above). And he was just funnin' is all. 

But like Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney (and a whole host of republicans before him), today's quote from Governor Corbett is just the latest in a non-stop political carpet bombing campaign targeting women and their rights. 

It seems like they can't help themselves. It's like some kind of Misogynistic Tourette Syndrome. "Slut!" "Prostitute!" "Close your eyes and enjoy the unnecessary procedure we forced on you!"

All in favor of retroactive abortion say "Aye." My question is: don't these people realize how angry they're making the rest of the country--and women, in particular? Wait, no, that's not my question. I know the answer to that one. My question is, why the fuck can't we institute retroactive abortion. It seems clear to me that a lot of these GOP old white male human experiments have gone horribly awry. Just sayin'.

* H/T to JS for the reference. The one person who might actually be angrier about the war against women than I am.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOW. Mitt Joins the War on Women. Women respond: "Yeah? We don't think so."

Okay, so, I've been disgruntled with a number of things under Obama (Guantanamo, oil drilling off the coast, Nuclear Regulatory Dysfunction, targeting whistle blowers, etc.). Who hasn't been? But then, I read that Mitt Romney has now officially thrown his "I'm with stupid" hat into the women's hater's club. 

And I think, really? Seriously? This is what you say and promise to do to win the election? There's no way in hell that these people should be allowed anywhere near the White House. And the two parties aren't even playing the same sport, let alone playing on the same team. No, the GOP shouldn't be allowed near 1600 Penn. Avenue; not even for a tour--and sure as shit not for a job. This guy scares me almost as much as Santorum--perhaps even more so, because Santorum is so earnestly obvious in all of his odiousness. You know the frothy mix you'll get from him :D (man, that never gets old). But Romney actually solicited Planned Parenthood's endorsement years ago, when he was running for governor of Mass. Anyway, according to Think Progress, Romney stated in an interview on Tuesday, March 13:
"The test is pretty simple. Is the program so critical, it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it? And on that basis of course you get rid of Obamacare, that’s the easy one. Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that.'"
Um, right. First, there are more women voters than men, and second, that
 ain't gonna happen, because you ain't getting that job you're applying for.
Forget that Obamacare is patterned after the healthcare system Romney implemented in Massachusetts (and that it's wildly popular with 84% of the population there). Forget, too, that most of what the federal government is spending money on today is financed by China (including our illegal wars abroad and the tax cuts for millionnaires like Romney and tax breaks for big oil and...). The pandering, dismissive plan to "get rid of" Planned Parenthood (an organization whose endorsement he once sought) is his most extreme attack on vulnerable people since his statement that he's "not concerned about the poor."

Planned Parenthood Responds
In response, Planned Parenthood explained what this means in plain English: “When Mitt Romney says he wants to ‘get rid’ of Planned Parenthood, he means getting rid of the preventive health care that three million people a year rely on for cancer screenings, birth control, and other preventive care," said Dawn Laguens, Vice President for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, in a written statement. “Mitt Romney simply can’t be trusted when it comes to women’s health." The republican party can't either, in general, as I've written previously.  'Nuff said? Not really.  Read on...

Republican Party: We'll determine womens' rights, thank you very much. 
Women: Oh yeah? Say that to my face, little man.
But if these autocratic chauvinists want a fight, I think they found one.
  • Planned Parenthood. Not only did they turn around the politically motivated attempt by Susan G. Komen to remove grant funding for breast cancer screenings--they ended up raising millions more than the $750,000 they receive annually from Komen. To make matters better, they got the hard-right wing VP of Government services, Karen Handel, to resign and admit that she helped plan the grant withdrawal policy change. This was driven by social networking outrage and a drumbeat that wouldn't let up in the blogosphere. One can expect more of the same in response to Romney's latest.
  • Sarah Fluke. After Rush Limblah used his bloviating soapbox to attack Sarah Fluke, repeatedly, as a slut and prostitute, after she insisted that insurance should cover birth control (something that's been in place for decades), a social networking firestorm ended up forcing 140 sponsors to drop his show, and the syndicator of the show suddenly dropped advertising for the show for two weeks (which is how the show makes money). The online outrage engine has been firing on all cylinders to excoriate the ovoid talk radio host.
  • Centrist Women Leaning Away from Right. Politically rightish, to middle of the road women are starting to pay attention to what the republican candidates are saying about their reproductive rights, and not all of them are happy about it. A recent article in the NYT outlines their view. This is big; some choice quotes below:
“Everybody is so busy telling us how we should act in the bedroom, they’re letting the country fall through the cracks,” said Fran Kelley, a retired public school worker in Seattle who voted for Senator John McCain over Mr. Obama in the 2008 election. Of the Republican candidates this year, she added, “They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live.’ ” 
Even more than Mr. Romney, Mr. Santorum has made himself a champion of the traditional family with two parents, arguing in speeches that single motherhood increases a child’s chances of poverty and related problems.
The stance particularly vexes Meredith Warren, a Republican strategist in Andover, Mass. “Well, guess what?” she said. “There are a lot of single moms out there. That’s reality. I don’t think he does himself any favors denigrating that situation.”
Ms. Russell, who changed her political views at the baby shower, said she was impressed with how Mr. Obama handled his administration’s compromise over the much-debated birth control policy, saying, “I think he’s more of a women’s candidate.”
Mr. Romney’s reaction to Mr. Limbaugh’s statements about the Georgetown student cemented a negative view of him. “I expected him to have the guts to stand up and say what Rush did was wrong,” she said. “Wrong, wrong, wrong in every sense of the word wrong.” 
    Patriotic women were critical to winning the war against fascism 70 years ago. They were good at it. 
    These voting patriots can do it again in this November in a war to keep their rights.
    (Design by Groobiecat; inset pic source: 
    Amazing high-res WWII pics)
    It just gets bigger. Earlier today I came across an interesting blog post by a self-identified "old school republican" who warns the (males of the) republican party about the danger of losing women in the next election to the Democrats. I'm positively giddy at her tone: 
    ...they (republicans) can't ignore this problem and hope that it will pass in time for the general election. Originally I wrote that these social issues were a distraction and that we should get the conversation back to an economic one. But that was before the list got so long: the Susan G. Komen fight with Planned Parenthood; the Health and Human Services ruling on free access to the morning-after pill and contraception, and the congressional hearing on it without any women; the fight in the Virginia legislature over mandatory ultrasounds; Rush Limbaugh's rantings; and Rick Santorum questioning pre-natal testing and writing that "radical feminists" were the cause of women working outside the home. The genie is out of the bottle, and Republicans aren't going to force it back in by being silent. Women make up the majority of American voters, and the majority is upset. 
    Women need to be reassured that the Republican Party does not believe in dictating Republican Party does not believe in dictating women's reproductive choices for them. If the GOP is truly the party of free markets and free people, it needs to echo the wisdom of Mary Russell: "Women's reproduction is our own business." If the modern Republican Party wants to be the home of limited government conservatism-which I'm not convinced it does anymore-it needs to prove that its small government philosophy extends to all things, including social issues. The GOP can't argue that it's against government mandates in healthcare in some cases, and not in others.  
    Time to make a good case for why women should vote Republican. Right now, it's getting difficult for us "old school" Republicans to keep defending the men.
    When Party Lines get Crossed 
    You can clearly tell from this woman's post that she's a distressed republican increasingly concerned with the party's direction. That's because the party she wishes for no longer exists--women will not be reassured of, well, anything, that falls outside of the prevailing "I'm more conservative than that other guy" chest-hair narrative. Today's republican party marches blindly, blithely more and more to the right, ignoring all facts to the contrary, pandering wantonly to the Maher-mocked gaping-maw demographic. Previously, "old school republicans" have held their noses while their party went down the toilet, culturally, politically, and intellectually speaking. But that's changing.

    Ready. Fire. Aim. The republicans' November strategy.
    The strategy of the republican party (as it had been so successfully initiated under Karl Rove's command) has been simple: lockstop agreement within the party, universally imposed discipline to message, repeat all policy talking points ad nauseum, and no internal disagreements. This approach is now, however,  at odds with something that apparently is stronger than party line: a little something I like to call women's rights.  

    So, yeah, I think we can safely say that the wheels have come off the traditional republican crazy bus, because now all women's rights (not just those of democratic women) are under attack. The clown car of the right is no longer satisfied to veer into the crowd of the usual main targets--the gays, the liberals, the blacks, the not from around heres, the lib'rals, the demuhcrats, the poors, the muslim presidents, etc. As it turns out, the republican idea shit-cannon has trained its sights on targets within its own party--those evil types known as females. (Is it any wonder that those other evil types--teachers--are made up mostly of them females? I don't think. Er, I mean, I think not. Whatever.)

    But seriously, how many republican party men honestly think that all (or even most) republican party women a) don't use birth control and b) haven't had or considered having an abortion? Not all conservatives believe that every sperm is sacred. Are they daft? They're daft, aren't they.

    No, please, tell us how you really feel... 
    Here's the thing: If the republican party really wants to repeal decades of basic rights--and they seem hell bent on that--then why not let them put it to the democratic test. We're in the middle of a cultural and political civil cold war, and people really do need to know where extremist conservatives stand--and whether most of the country, including the 99% of women who use contraception agrees with that stance. These maniacal conservative American males fervently believe that they have the right to determine what women can and can't do with their bodies, and that insurance shouldn't cover basic family planning and reproductive health? Great. Let's see how everyone else feels (don't get me started on the invasive scanning Virginia law to be enacted in July that requires ultrasound scans for women who want an abortion, but a state legislator put together a truly inspired bill in response--aimed at viagra-seeking men in Ohio, if you're interested). 

    It's a free country. The crazed right can continue their shock and awe assault on the majority of voters with non-stop misogynistic carpet bombing. Just as the debates have revealed how krazy for koo koo puffs and and extreme the republican party has become, this latest attack on women's basic rights is more of the same and needs to be clearly aired out for the whole country to see and become aware of--and act out against in the election booth.

    So yes, I am disappointed in a number of policy areas that Obama has ignored, but on core issues like this, yes, too, there is a difference between democrats and republicans, Virginia, and I'm with Democrats and all women who are going to do their best to make sure the latter don't make it to the White House next November. 

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    Santorum's Apocryphal Visions, Rush is Apparently a Muslim, and Other Observations

    Okay, so, apparently Rick Santorum won Kansas. Also apparently, he was speaking to a group of republican women in Missouri after the victory and he espoused all manner of fact-free viewpoints.

    Apparently 84% of People who Live in Massachusetts are Liars. On health care, Santorum touted his experience with legislation on health savings accounts and said Massachusetts, where a version of government-run health insurance is used, is a good example of why Obama's health care plan won't work for the country. Santorum also used his stance on health care to attack Romney, former governor of Massachusetts. "He actually implemented it there, and it's a failure," Santorum said. 
    And besides: what would they know about being "real"
    Americans anyway? Just a buncha goddam liberals if you ask me.
    Interesting. But here's the thing, Rick: like most things republicans say these days, it's a bald-faced lie. The truth of the matter is that the plan is actually extremely popular with ~84% of the people in the state. You know, actual citizens who live there and use it? And isn't that sort of what determines the success of a policy or program--how well received it is by the people it's intended to serve? Instead of listening to lying politicians like Santorum who spout apocryphal nonsense without actually backing up their clams, perhaps people should actually look at the facts (not a strength of the current rightists in this country). According to a poll by Market Decisions
    The state health plan, launched under former Governor Mitt Romney, was given high marks for the range of services and the quality of care offered, according to the poll.The program, Commonwealth Care, is targeted at low-income individuals earning up to $32,676 a year; families of four can qualify with earnings of up to $66,168 a year. Premiums ranged from $10 to $151 a month, and only 17 percent of those surveyed said they had problems paying their medical bills."84 percent of residents are satisfied with the Massachusetts plan, which requires most adults to have health insurance." (Source: Reuters
    But hey, it's easy to cast aspersions to further your own political career when you don't have to back up your words with facts--thanks a lot, mainstream media, for keeping Santorum honest!  Santorum said he has "...different visions for our country," I'll bet. 

    Cape Girardeau: Home of Rush Limbaugh. During his speech in Missouri, Santorum shared more of his scary visions. In one of them, he revealed that he thinks now's a great time to align himself with the supreme Imam of the right, Rush Limbaugh.  
    "This is my first trip to Cape Girardeau," Santorum told the crowd. "Jo Ann's been bragging on you a long time. It's good to be in the hometown of Rush Limbaugh, which some people see as a trip to Mecca."
    Makes sense. Now that Limbaugh has had, what, almost 100 advertisers bail on his radio program in response to his ad hominem, misogynistic attacks on Sarah Fluke and her defense of the argument that insurance should cover birth control, and centrist women are increasingly concerned about republicans' view of the world, well, by all means, align yourself with a sex tourist shithead who hurls epithets at women for entertainment. Smart.

    The words "disturbingly juvenile," "aggressively stupid," "apocyphal bullshit," and a host of others comes to mind whenever I read the bile that Santorum consistently spews. I only hope that people are starting recognize that the outrageous, hysterical lies and nonsense policy statements by the current clown car of republican candidates, including one of the leading clowns, Santorum, is starting to sink in with the American electorate as a whole. I used to think that all this attention to the candidates was a bad thing (and I still believe that letting them get away with unchallenged soundbites is a sad comment on the current state of so-called journalism in this country) but the more they speak, the more I'm hoping people will be horrified by what the leaders of the bankrupt right actually believe.

    Hey punk, you think it's easy being a pharmaceuticl company? Hah?
    (Rick Santorum Froths at the mouth in defense of big pharma.)*
    Bonus Points: Go away, kid, ya bother me... 
    In case you missed it the other week, Santorum attacked a sick kid and his mom in a tea party rally to basically stop whining about the cost of life-saving drugs. In response to his question about the high cost of life-saving medications, Santorum first made a reference to the cost of an iPad because, um, that was somehow relevant to the cost of tea in China. Then--because why stop there?--he went on to defend pharmaceutical companies (such an empathetic guy toward the poor, misunderstood big pharma) as needing to make a buck too, gosh darnit! Watch the debacle here, if you dare: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/02/rick-santorum-tells-sick-kid-market-should-should-set-drug-prices/

    (* Man, that never gets old for me. :D)