Thursday, November 17, 2011

Been on hiatus from my blog, live blogging OWS... Plutocracy Files. My raised-eyebrow/blood pressure digital rants will resume in short order.

Cheers and, oh, btw, pizza is not a vegetable, for fuxxakes...

Source: Gothamist

From the Gothamist:
Great news for the youth of America: the government, which may very well be run by cheese-loving 12-year-olds, has decided that pizza totally counts as a vegetable
A spending bill pushed through this week with a little help from frozen food manufacturers, the salt industry, potato growers and conservatives who don't think the government should be telling kids what to eat declares the following: two tablespoons of tomato paste shall count as a vegetable, and the USDA can't limit the number of starchy vegetables a kid crams down his gullet every day. In other words: more mushy pies and Frenchfreedom fries for all!

So, yeah, democrats suck. But republicans suck even more.

Bottom line.

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