Friday, September 30, 2011

Wait, the Republicans *DO* have a Jobs Plan: The Plan is to Eliminate Jobs...

Rick Perry's Plan: Two Birds--Education and Jobs--One Big-Ass Head of Hair...
Governor Rick Perry's new budget for the state of Texas will, according to the Texas State Teacher's Association will eliminate up to 49,000 jobs, and terminate financial aid to 43,000 college students. Rick Perry has declined federal assistance through Obama's Race to the Top for education, saying at recent a campaign stop "I don't think the Federal government has a role" because accepting assistance could "very well lead to a dumbing down of the rigorous standards we've worked so hard to enact."

He has a point: I mean, Texas should decide its own educational fate, right? Maintain their standards and whatnot without all that job-creating red tape from Washington, know what I'm sayin'? Heh, well, the good news is that with this new budget? That should be no problem at all pard. Texas is currently ranked dead last in percentage of adults with high school diplomas. And that's a record you can take to the bank. Well, not if you're one of the "education workers" that will be laid off, but someone else could definitely take that to the bank. Someone with massive hair, perhaps...

The Path to Economic Strength? Hello? Eliminate Jobs, of course! Perry's jobs plan has far reaching consequences not just for teachers and students, but will likely result in a total loss of over 100,000 jobs, according to the Center on Public Policy Priorities, and cost another 140,000 private sector jobs, as well. Here's what the Texas State Teachers Association has to say about Rick Perry's budget:
“When it comes to public education, Rick Perry is all hair and no cattle. He talks a good game of economic development and job creation, but his under-funding of public schools and universities undermines Texas’ ability to adequately prepare young people for the jobs that will make or break the state’s future." 
But they have no money, right? Wrong. Perry insisted that $6.5 billion be left unspent in the emergency "Rainy Day Fund" so that Perry could win points with his anti-everything base.
Good 'ol Boy / Trailer Park Boy:
Separated at Birth?

Rick is Self-Smarted.  Why on this pleasantly non-warming planet would education be a national priority like, say, defense? It's just brainly type stuff, anyways. First, who needs teachers? All Rick Perry needed to know he learned as a cheerleader for Texas A&M, where he was elected social secretary, was one of five male cheerleaders, and graduated with a 2.5 GPA.

Separated at Birth? If you've ever seen "Trailer Park Boys," (and you most definitely should if you haven't), there's another Ricky with helmet-like hair who has a similar outlook. All he ever needed to know he taught himself. In fact, I think it's fair to say that both of these Rickys understand that too much education can be dangerous for your health! 

"People say books and college are for to bein' make you smarter, but they can also for to be get you dead." - Ricky, Trailer Park Boy

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