Monday, September 26, 2011

Think About It...Clinton on Perry Apocrypha & Why the Tea Party Economic Model is Doomed

Introducing: Think About It... the first in a series of videos that presents real-world quotes from luminaries (and lunatics). Please take a moment to check out my first effort to spread the words of reason, not fiction, through actual quotes of opinion leaders in the United States. 

Makes sense to me. "There's not a single solitary example on the planet, not one, of a country that is successful because the economy has triumphed over the government and choked it off and driven the tax rates to zero, driven the regulations to nonexistent and abolished all government programs, except for defense...there is no example of a successful country that looks like that."

I've been saying for a while now that government involvement in the US economy is basic, not scary, and, in fact, it has been this way since the inception of our country. It was never our founding fathers' intention to take government completely out of the economic picture--never. Not once. And, in fact, there's not a single instance of a successful modern country that has removed the government from of its economic destiny.

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  1. Excellent job, groobie. Bill Clinton nails it every time he talks lately.

    Damn tea party.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Nicole. We need more intuitive, easy to digest quotes like that from Bill, Elizabeth...everyone, really. Then repeat...repeat...repeat.