Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Author Hugh: It's Morning in Moronica

Mendacious President: Ronald
"Trees Cause More Pollution than Cars" Reagan
With both parties invoking Ronald Reagan these days in a craven attempt to use his memory to score political points with the middle, one could say it's morning in America again--or, perhaps, Morning in Moronica.  Personally, I couldn't understand back then how people saw in Reagan anything but an obvious, lying dumbfuck. That was before I had my revelation, which was only recently, and realized that the mindless set in America saw their own reflection in Reagan and voted for him essentially out of dimwitted narcissism. 

More of the same?
Who'd-a thunk we'd see the country devolve to such an extent that the Reagan and Nixon eras and abuses would one day seem quaint in comparison? And who'd-a thunk we'd have a Democratic successor to Dubya who would continue his worst abuses of power--and then some--where the crackdown on whistle blowers is concerned? I've been reading some Gore Vidal again lately and that guy has the American political system pegged. He says that the Republicans and Democrats are just different wings of the same party: the Property Party. I used to think he was wrong about that, just being curmudgeonly and cynical, but boy was I wrong. Talk about naive. That was before Obama gave the biggest fraudsters in history get out of jail free cards and allowed them to profit hugely from their crimes, which as time goes on, I find more and more unforgivable. To say nothing of giving a bunch of war criminals get out of jail free cards. 

Former VP and current war
criminal Cheney profits from his crimes.
That comes to mind because of Cheney and his recent book bragging about said crimes. And profiting from them. If this doesn't show how utterly hollow America's become, I don't know what does. Remember when Ford said pardoning Nixon was the end of our long national nightmare? Turns out it was just the beginning. It set the stage for all the unpunished crimes to follow. It showed that if you rise high enough, you don't have to worry about accountability and possible serious prison time. All this talk about the sanctity of the Constitution and the hallowed memory of the Founding Fathers from people like Rick Perry, who I'm sure doesn't think Bush et al. did anything wrong, really makes me sick. They don't understand the most basic meaning of the Constitution--a country governed by laws and not men. 

If James Madison were alive today he'd be an object of scorn.

Hugh lives in California and despite 30 years of watching things go from stupid to stupider in the US of A still can't bring himself to move to Canada.

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