Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sorry, but it's not just the Right that's Wrong...

I mean, it is on the debt ceiling, but not on other issues like, say, nuclear power...

I live about 6 miles from one of the shittiest, most dangerous nuclear reactors in the country: Vermont Yankee. It was built around the same time as the infamous Pinto, and about to the same specs. It's cooling tower collapsed a few years ago. It's pipe system leaked tritium (and probably still does) into the the surrounding ground. And it has 100s of more times more deadly stored nuclear waste than the same, poorly designed reactor model in Fukushima, Japan. So, when it went before the NRC a few months ago to get its license renewed for another 20 years beyond "useful life," what did the NRC do? Like every other application brought before it previously, it rubber stamped it. Why? Well, because the NRC is closely tied to the nuclear industry, and in fact, they're known for having had discussions with Entergy (which owns VY) on fighting the state of Vermont's move to have the reactor shut down.

Obama likes nuclear energy, and has always said as much. These aren't republicans we're talking about here, folks, these are democratic appointees who are in bed with the nuke industry. Ask any anti-nuke activist--any one of them--how they feel about Obama and his NRC and they'll respond quickly with a snide laugh and an angry laundry list of grievances against both.
So, yeah, the left isn't above responsibility for selling progressive ideals down the river. For a lot of us, the party has lurched waaaay to the right. And to me? That's the wrong direction. Until something changes in a very substantial way, I'm going to keep my iodine pills handy (which will be about as useful as ducking and covering in the event of a atomic attack....).
"We all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous. It is such a big explosion."

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