Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Crusader of Crazy

The bar really is low for the right's presidential candidates. I mean, Michele Bachmann takes to the stage in a recent presidential debate and announces that she's running for president. Congratulations, Rep. Bachmann, on your deft use of the obvious! That's a bit like being at a restaurant and suddenly announcing in the middle of dinner to other patrons that you're having dinner.

At any rate, this piece in Rolling Stone by Matt Taibbi is entertaining--and scary. It details the evolution (er, "counter-intuitive design"?) of a rising political star (er, "black hole"?).

Today is truly the age of the loud, arrogant, and misinformed = righteous, God-talked-to-me politician. This is a good story about one of those politicians and her journey from youthful Jimmy Carter supporter to Federal employee tax lawyer to "I saw Jesus in the Toast" nutcase politician.

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