Monday, July 18, 2011

Ever Wonder Why it Seems so Hard to Get through to Conservatives?

Results from a study to be published this year indicate that people with conservative brains have a larger amygdala--the fear center, or primitive part of the brain said to be responsible for reflexive impulses--and a smaller anterior cingulate, which is known to be the part of the brain that focuses courage and optimism.

This might explain why facts, figures, logic, and analysis don't appear to get through to conservatives who have made their minds up that, for example, people who are different represent a danger. It makes even more sense when one adds this research into the frustrating fight to get the right to acknowledge a different viewpoint. It might also explain why the hard right's position is more like religious one upmanship, than the give and take of civil discourse and negotiation.

Or maybe they're just infantile and emotionally unintelligent.  

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